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Two Possible Locations for the New Long Island City Ferry Stop Eyed


The city is currently eyeing two different locations for its new ferry stop in Hunter Points, forming part of a plan to expand its ferry services across the five boroughs come 2017.

As seen in the proposal of the NYC Economic Development Corporation, the new ferry station could be on Center Boulevard at the northernmost end of Gantry Plaza State Park, or at the ned of 44th Drive, near the Water’s Edge Restaurant and Anable Basin Bar.

Once completed, this new ferry station will be the second stop in Hunters Point, which has an existing station south near 54th Avenue and 2nd Street.

This new station would be part of a different route aside from the current one, and will connect to Astoria, Roosevelt Island, East 34th Street and Wall Street/Pier 11 in lower Manhattan.

Proposed spots of the new ferry dock received mixed reviews from the locals. While these two sites are not really far apart from each other, they are separated by the Anable Basin.

President of the Hunters Point Civic Association Brent O’Leary, said that the organization has had a meeting with the officials of the city to discuss the proposals, and majority of the members prefer the station to be built on the Center Boulevard.

“That’s where the people are…. The population has exploded”, O’Leary said, pertaining to that along Center Boulevard in recent years as people have moved into its many high-rises.

“The other one [44th Drive], there was an argument that in the future that would be great for a lot of people, but there’s just not the foot traffic there now,” he added.

CB2 asked the EDC to look at the feasibility of the 44th Drive location, as the developments in that area can draw more residents that would make use of a ferry there.