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Twin Two-Story, Two-Family Houses Coming To 15-22 Murray Street, Whitestone

Twin Two-Story, Two-Family Houses Coming to 15-22 Murray Street, Whitestone

Pre-demolition 15-22 Murray Street.

Whitestone-based FMC Equities has filed applications for twin twostory, two-family houses at 15-22 and 15-24 Murray Street, in Whitestone. The new buildings will measure 3,162 square feet each. Across both, the apartments should average 874 square feet apiece and will be able to accommodate families. There will be a total of four off-street parking spaces, two of which will be located in the cellars of the buildings. Whitestone-based Platonic Solids Architecture is the architect of record. The 7,000-square-foot lot is occupied by a two-story house. Demolition permits were filed earlier this month.