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Three Queens neighborhoods made it to StreetEasy’s top 10 list of NYC areas to watch for in 2018

Famous real estate site StreetEasy makes a top 10 of the New York City Neighborhoods to watch at the end of every year, and three Queens markets have made the list: Flushing, Elmhurst an Woodside. According to StreetEasy’s predictions, parties interested in the areas should keep an eye for increasing rent prices and interests in the coming year.

Flushing took the third spot on the list. The neighborhood saw a dramatic increase when it comes to residential developments. When it comes to numbers, the median sale price in the area was $737,455 and the median rent price was $2,000 (for 2017).

Online Flushing listings were viewed 80% more than last year. This is the highest increase in this category of all the neighborhoods that did make the list. As far as new project goes, 35 new residential developments were introduced during 2017.

Elmhurst was the fourth neighborhood on the list. The median sale price grew a whopping 40%, surpassing $590,000. During 2017, the median rent reached $1,913, the most affordable of the three Queens neighborhood that made the list.

Woodside took the last spot on the list, and it recorded a median sale price od $390,000. When it comes to rent, it reached a median number of $2,000. There were eight residential projects introduced to the area during 2017, and the online viewings of the area’s listings increased 65%.

According to StreetEasy, these three neighborhoods offer proximity to more coveted areas such as Astoria and Long Island City at more affordable prices, hence the huge growth they have experienced. Furthermore, the three neighborhoods mentioned are close to the 7 train, offering a short and practical commute to Manhattan.

Other neighborhoods that made the list were: West Harlem, Manhattan (first place), Fort Greene, Brooklyn (second place), Norwood, The Bronx (sixth place). [QNS]