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Another mixed-use development coming to Astoria

A new building will be added to Astoria’s skyline in the near future. Public records show permits have been filed for a new tower that will be addressed at 23-23 30th Road. This development will have five stories and will be classified as mixed-use. As

Astoria has a brand-new addition

A new residential building is coming to Astoria, Queens. The structure will have five stories and will be 50-foot tall, yielding approximately 16,380 sf. The building will be addressed at 21-27 30th Drive in the neighborhood of Astoria. The building will incorporate fourteen residential units.

New residential, five-story building coming to Astoria

The popularity of Astoria does not seem to end. Permits for a new development in the neighborhood were filed not too long ago. According to the documents, the new project is a structure with five stories. It will be a residential building addressed at 23-43

Bluarch Architecture designing new Astoria project

Change keeps on coming to Queens, and Astoria is not being left behind. An old garage with only one story is going to be giving way to a new commercial building. The site is addressed on the corner of 41st Street and 28th Avenue, and