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The Specialists Ltd. looking into a new armory in Ridgewood

Highlighted area shows where the storage will be located

A prop storage

A company that specializes in making movie props is planning on building a storage facility in Ridgewood, Queens. The Specialists Ltd is developing a 143,000 square foot complex. There, they will keep cars, military vehicles, trucks and “futuristic hover vehicles” used in movies.

They have already filed the plans for the property, which will have four stories and will be located at 48-05 Metropolitan Avenue. The new building will replace an older one of only 63,000 square foot and will also include room for setting up a restaurant.

Bureaucratic details

The company filed an application for tax abatements and exemptions from the New York City Industrial Development Agency last year. In there, they wrote the New York film industry if maxed. They stated that studios are being built and that producers desire to film in the city. In spite of all this, they also said there is no room for the support services to work on all these movies at the same time.

In the application submitted, the budget for the project is of $47.45 million. This storage space is not the only property this company has interest in located in the city. The Specialists Ltd also runs a studio used to store thousands of weapons. These weapons are modified so they only fire blanks. This means they are safe to use in shoot, for both movies and TV shows. [The Real Deal]