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Where would you rather live? Queens or Manhattan.






Take Your Pick: Queens or Manhattan

Declining inventory and high prices have defined the Manhattan real estate market for years. In Queens, however, inventory is on the rise and prices are lower.
Here’s a look at what you can get in Queens vs. Manhattan, comparing common price points.
What You Get Under $300K
$285K 1BR in Jackson Heights
$300K Studio in Turtle Bay
In Jackson Heights, $285K gets you a recently renovated 700-sq ft unit in a landmarked prewar building. In Turtle Bay, you can get a 350-sq ft alcove studio for $300K that promises proximity to everything.
What You Get Under $500K
$405K 2BR in Elmhurst
$459K 1BR on the UWS
In Elmhurst, $405K gets you more than 900-sq ft, two bedrooms, washer-dryer and even a balcony. Back in Manhattan, $459K gets you a one-bedroom on the Upper West Side a block away from Central Park.
What You Can Get Under $700K
$649K 2BR in Jackson Heights
$699K 1BR in the West Village
For $649K, you can get an 800-sq ft two-bedroom prewar apartment in Jackson Heights. In Downtown Manhattan, $699K gets you a one-bedroom and about 350-sq ft. It’s the price to be in the heart of it all.
What You Can Get Under $900K
$875K 2BR in Forest Hills
$889K 2BR in Morningside Heights
For $875K, you can get a freshly renovated condo in Forest Hills with two bedrooms, a balcony and 1,135-sq ft. For $889K, you can get a two-bedroom in a prewar co-op that offers about 700-sq ft, a recently renovated eat-in kitchen and views across the city.


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