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Ramesh Vig working in new Sunnyside project

A brand-new, mixed-use building is being developed in Sunnyside, Queens. The structure will be addressed at 43-46 39th Place, just a block away from the 40th Street-Lowery Street Station which is serviced by the 7 train. The design is in charge of Raymond Chan Architects.

This building will have a curtain-wall glass façade that will include breaks of mahogany from the second to the seventh floor. There will also be stone bricks on the retail area of the building, that will include six separate spaces divided between the cellar and first floor.

Overall, the building will span over 41k square feet, of which almost 7,000 SF will be destined to retail space. The remaining 34,500 SF will be dedicated to the residential units. The second floor will feature twenty parking spaces and the tenant will be able to enjoy the comfort of their own laundry room and plenty of bike storage space. 48 units will be created in this lot and they will average 718 sf each, which may be an indicator of rentals. Of the 48 units, 9 will be marked as affordable housing.

The Department of Buildings still need to review the application, and the developer is Ramesh Vig who purchased the propert in 2016 for  $10,450,000 from Jerry Kahen. Neither the demolition permits nor the completion date have been set. [NY Yimby]