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Plans for new school in College Point have been filed

There is a fairly secluded neighborhood in Queens known as College Point. It is mostly inhabited by working and middle-class families. It is fairly disadvantaged when it comes to the public transportation that services the area: only five bus lines reach the community, and the only subway station near is the Main Street Station with the last stop for the 7 train.

Nevertheless, permits have been filed for a new place for the public school 129 Patricia Larkin. The address is 128-02 7th Avenue in the aforementioned neighborhood. The new plans include a structure with three stories in the current campus, even though it is not clear if the existent structure will be tear down or updated. The whole campus takes up one entire city block and the new plans feature a building that will be 61 feet tall and encompass 52,500 square feet. The cafeteria will have a capacity of 168 children and besides classrooms, the school will feature a library. The architects in charge are Kenny & Khan Architects. There are no dates set yet and developers need to file for demolition permits too. [NY Yimby]