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Permits Filed for 11-02 30th Drive, Astoria


The industrial stretch of Vernon Boulevard, winding along the Astoria waterfront has been slowly giving rise to huge residential developments. This low-slung community is now home to large residential projects including Alma Realty’s 1-story two-tower complex under construction next to Ravenswood Generating Station.

Recently, another developer filed plans for a 101,000-square foot apartment building at 11-02 30th Drive on the corner of Vernon Boulevard.

According to the plans filed, the building would reach six stories but will occupy most of the block in between the 30th Drive, 30th Road, 12th Street, and Vernon Boulevard. In its 101,801 square feet space will be 142 apartments, each having units of 716 square feet each.

The plans filed though lists “ground” and first floors which will also have apartments. The “ground” floor is reported to be holding 29 apartments, with 24 units each on the second through fourth floors, and 20 units on the fifth floor.

There will also be a courtyard and community space on the ground floor.

As for parking plans, there will be a 46-space garage in the cellar, which is less than the 71 spots required by the zoning code. The developer could benefit from the mayor’s planned zoning tweaks, cutting parking requirements for more affordable housing plans.

As this project is located in an inclusionary housing zone, it may get density bonus for including some below-market apartments. This community also has about 237,000 square feet in development rights, and more is expected in the coming months.

The permit lacks any kind of flood-proofing measures though, even if the property is located at about 20 feet from the East River.

Developer on record for this project is the Long-Island City-based Criterion Group.