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28-34 Jackson Avenue – New Development – Court Square

28-34 Jackson Avenue – New Development  Court Square continues to grow quicker by the day.  Construction commenced on a three-building high-rise complex at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Queens Boulevard. Fence renderings were recently posted on the site, depicting a mini-residential village.  Developer Tishman

43-01 21st Street – New Development – VIDEO

43-01 21st Street – New Development The long, twisty story of the office space at 43-01 21st Street has reached its pinnacle, and the 124,000-square-foot warehouse in Long Island City finally has a new owner. But only thing we know is that the mystery buyer

37-01 Broadway – New Development

37-01 Broadway – New Development in Queens: The eight block stretch from 38th to 31st Street on Broadway is quickly changing. And now one of the first buildings to redevelop is nearing a completion.  The three-story mixed-use building at 37-01 Broadway has signs out for

33-19 Broadway – ASTORIA – New Development

33-19 Broadway – New Development 33-19 Broadway – New Development It’s been nearly two years since the iconic Uncle George’s Greek Taverna closed halfway through 2013, but things have been slow to progress on the property.  After numerous issues with permits, construction has begun in full

31-51 31st Street – New Development

Early Renderings Released for Massive Development in Astoria  The soon-to-be eagerly anticipated residential jewel of Astoria finally has a face to put with the name as the first renderings of the project was released on Queens Brownstoner last week.  Residing at one of the busiest

36-27 31st Street – New Development

Another Residential Development Sprouts on 31st Street    There’s a distinct change in the Astoria/LIC residential marketplace and the rumblings aren’t going away.  Developers once shunned away from the industrial, noise-polluted stretch along 31st street beneath the N subway line. Now a second residential project

34-22 35th Street – 65-Unit Rental Rises Near Kaufman Studios

34-22 35th Street – 65 Unit Rental Rises Near Kaufman Studios  It was only a matter of time before the self-imposed Kaufman Arts District of Astoria received its first major, star-studded residential development.  Construction has begun on a new 65-unit at 34-22 35th Street, directly