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Overdue bloom finally arriving to Jamaica

Many have tried yet failed to give the neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, a much needed boost. After several false starts, everything seems to indicate that the area has finally started to bloom. Back in 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo made a $10 million investment toward developing the neighborhood. The budget was going to be distributed among many high-profile projects that would eventually help to kick-start local economic development, like the Crossing at Jamaica Station. Furthermore, many high-rise towers have begun development in the area, as well as many hotels and several mixed-use projects. This is a list of those projects being developed in Jamaica right now.

  1. 130-29 90th Avenue.
    George Xu, the successful Queens-based developer, has started developing an apartment building in a lot formerly occupied by two family houses. The tower will be nine-stories tall and will feature 90 residential units while spanning almost 70k sf. This building will include market rate and affordable prices. As soon as the city approves the plans, Xu’s company will start construction.
  2. 143-18 Liberty Avenue.
    Right on the corner of Liberty Avenue and Pinegrove Street there is a car dealership that will soon be replaced by mixed-use building. This tower will have six stories and house a hotel with 76 rooms and twelve apartments. The developer in charge is Arvinder Singh while Manish Savani is the architect working on the design.
  3. 148-18 Hillside Avenue.
    Where Arm Auto Body used to stand a mixed-use building with eighty units will soon be constructed. Plans for this project have already been filed back in October 2017, as reported by YIMBY. Plans include the construction of a ground-floor parking area and retail space. The building will have nine stories.
  4. The Crossing at Jamaica Station.
    Two new buildings, one next to the other, will soon be sprouting right in the intersection of Sutphin Boulevard and Archer Avenue, across from the AirTrain terminal. The developers of the project are BRP Companies and both buildings will be designed by FXFOWLE. The towers will have fourteen and twenty-six stories, respectively and, combined, will bring 669 new residential units to the neighborhood. The project will also feature some retail space and 187 parking spaces.
  5. 148-36 89th Avenue.
    YIMBY reported that Melamed Architect is working on a project in Jamaica, too. The firm will build an apartment building with 27 residential units that will take the place of a single-family house. If everything goes according to plan, construction will wrap by 2019.
  6. 147-36 94th Avenue.
    Mere blocks away from the AirTrain, a new development has been approved. A gigantic residential development that will feature a whopping 26 stories will replace a low-rise commercial building. The developer is Artimus Construction and will be completely designated as affordable. The tower will include 379 units, among studios and one and two bedrooms rentals. The affordable lottery for all of these units was launched last November, but the deadline was reached earlier this month.
  7. 150-11 89th Avenue.
    The Chetrit Group is redeveloping the lot where the Mary Immaculate Hospital used to stand. According to plans, the development includes a residential complex with four buildings and 324 units.
  8. 153-10 89th Avenue.
    There is a vacant lot on this addressed that will be soon put into good use. Zara Realty Holding Corp has teamed up with Angelo + Anthony Ng Architects Studio P.C. in order to work on the development of a tower with seven stories and seventeen residential units. The building will include a parking area on the first floor.
  9. 88-56 162nd Street.
    The plans for a residential building that will feature 51 apartments distributed among seven stories have already been filed with the city. There is a vacant lot on this address and the developer of the project is Jianfei Chen, who also plans to design the tower. It has not been confirmed whether the project will be affordable or market-rate.
  10. 92-32 Union Hall Street.
    Currently, there is an office building with six stories on this lot. The owner filed plans with the Department of Buildings back in June 2016 to convert this space into a hotel with 110 rooms and retail space on the ground floor.
  11. 89-50 164th Street.
    There is a parking lot owned by the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica on this lot. According to plans, this will be replaced with a residential building that will feature 177 affordable rentals. The tower will have twelve stories, a garage with room for 63 vehicles, a community center with over 9k sf and over 14k sf of commercial space. According to plans, the building will wrap construction by summer 2018.
  12. 90-02 168th Street.
    This project is a partnership between BRP Companies and Wharton Properties. The firms will repurpose this lot into a mixed-use project. The development will feature over 300 residential units and over 70,000 square feet of commercial space. The Greater Jamaica Development Corporation requested the developers set aside some residents for artists, and to cater to a mix of income levels and the owners of the project decided to honor said request.
  13. 92-61 165th Street.
    This joint venture developed by the Arker Companies and Slate Property Group is scheduled to open any day now. The building has fourteen stories and 89 residential units, but was scheduled to open during 2017. The design was in charge of Aufgang Architects and developers has set aside 7,234 square feet for a commercial area.
  14. 165-20 Archer Avenue.
    A Holiday Inn Express will replace a car wash in this address. The hotel will have 206 rooms and the developer behind the project is Manny Chadha. Construction will begin any day now, in early 2018.
  15. 92-23 168th Street.
    Omni New York filed the corresponding plans for a project that would feature 400 residential units and 23 stories back in August. The project will be mixed-use and 389 of its units will be marked as affordable. The building will also include 61,000 sf of retail space and 19,000 sf of community space. The property is owned by the city and the project is the result of an RFP by the Economic Development Corporation. Nowadays, this lot is occupied by a two-story parking garage used by the NYPD and a vacant office building. [NY Curbed]