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News on the NYC Ferry station in Queens

The construction site in Astoria

A welcome addition to the area

New reports have surfaced regarding the new New York City Ferry. The construction of the new station, based at 47th Road in Long Island City is advancing as planned and, following the schedule, the first boats will cast off in August.

Last Sunday, passersby were able to appreciate the construction cranes and all the materials on the site. Even though there was no work ongoing that day, many people stopped. They captured some photographs in the northern section of Gantry Plaza State Park.

Once inaugurated, the Long Island City location will be one of the five stations lining Astoria of the NYC Ferry system. Furthermore, this will connect Astoria and LIC residents to Roosevelt Island, 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan and even Wall Street. The voyage will be very inexpensive (like a Metrocard swipe) and will take a little less than 40 minutes from one end to the route to the other. [Qchron]