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New permits filed for four building project in Jamaica, Queens

New project from 110-12 to 110-18 Liberty Avenue

The A train goes right through Queens. Along Liberty Avenue, the train travels down Jamaica. This is important because currently, four different building applications have been filed just down the block from the 111 St-Greenwood Avenue Station. Four separate mixed-use sites will rise there, replacing four two-story buildings.

As of right now, Jahmal Sabaha of JS Consulting Engineer will be acting as the architect of this project. The developer appears to be Satyanad Nauth. The four constructions will have three floors. All four of them will have retail space, spanning approximately 1,7000 square feet. Furthermore, all of them will also have residential space,  2,500 square feet each. Overall, there will be eight apartments of 1,250 square feet, which is an indicative of condominiums. [New York Yimby]