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New Permits Filed: 14-35 Broadway, Astoria, 11106

As the Astoria waterfront is currently being reshaped by the Alma Realty and the Durst Organization—that’s to their megaprojects on Vernon Boulevard and Hallet Points—developments on this side of town nevertheless include smaller developments.

On the side of western edge of Astoria near the Socrates Sculpture Park is a development filed by DK Real Estate Group, for the building of an eight-story, 15-unit building at 14-35 Broadway, between the 14th and 21st Streets.

broadway 14-35

This new and rising development is said to be having a height of 74 feet in the air, holding 15 apartments divided across its 11,215 square feet of residential space. This gives roughly 747 square feet per unit. Rentals are seemed possible a well, given that this is what most developers in Astoria do now, where property values remain to be a bit more stable compared with its neighboring communities. A unit on the floor is planned, topped by two apartments on each floor through the eight story. An outdoor recreation space and bike parking is also part of the perspective.

Presently, this property is home to a single family home with two stories, and demolitions are said to commence last May. To date, there are not deeds hitting the public records yet, though a contract of sale has been already filed, showing the transfer of this property from the previous owner to DK real estate. Prior to this disposition, the property has been held by its previous owner for 40 years long. The new owner also purchased a lot down the street at 14-23 Broadway from Ariel Property Advisors earlier this year. No plans have been filed there as of yet.

While this stretch of Broadway is specifically zoned for retail, none was included in this project. Briarwood-based architect Gerald Caliendo applied for the permit.