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New exclusively-residential building arriving to Jamaica, Queens

New York DK have filed permits in order to build a residential building in Jamaica, the Queens neighborhood. The structure will have seven stories and will be addressed at 88-56 162nd Street, just blocks away from the Parsons Boulevard Subway Station. Fang Architects are responsible for the design.

The building will be 70 feet tall and will span a little less than 35k square feet. It will be exclusively used for residential use, and 51 new units will be created. The apartments will average 678 square feet each, so they probably will be rentals.  

Among the amenities offered, tenants will be able to enjoy a lobby, a trash room, a fitness center, a parking area with room for 27 vehicles and bicycle storage space.

The building will be a welcomed addition to Jamaica, since it comes to fill an empty lot. Nevertheless, an estimated completion date has not been revealed. [NY Yimby]