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A new elevator is added to the Flushing Long Island Rail Road Station

A digital rendering of the LIRR in Flushing

A new phase is completed

The improvements on the Flushing-Main Street Long Island Rail Road are continuing their course. After being announced by the authorities back in 2012, several updates have been introduced to the station. Another phase on this operation was completed on August 7th, and only lacks the last approval from the Department of Transportation. We are talking, of course, about the new elevators. On the 7th the steel construction was finished and they will be ready to use once the permits get approved. The overall budget for improvements was more than $24.5 million, and the elevators are included in that amount.

Besides these improvements, several are already completed and others are about to be. Just to name a few, builders have installed a new Ticket Office, canopies, staircases and platform shelters. Furthermore, the signs were improved and the security protocols updated, along with the railings.

There is no point in denying the fact that the project is taking its time and it has encountered several setbacks in these few years, but the developers and workers are steadily advancing and the new updates can be seen. Among other “bumps in the road”, a domain battle with a supermarket prevented the elevators to be installed sooner.

A borough-wide project

Nevertheless, this is not the only Long Island Rail Road station that is being improved by the government. Once the project is done, thirty-nine stations will have been renovated, with a budget of $5.6 million. Other stations in Queens that are affected by these new introductions are the Jamaica, Mets-Willets Point and Bayside ones. [QNS]