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Melamed Architect’s new residential project in Jamaica, Queens has been revealed

Almost exactly a year ago, reports had surfaced about new applications put in place for the lot based at 148-36 89th Avenue. This site is between 148th Street and 150th Street, in Jamaica, Queens. The project for the lot has been revealed, courtesy of Melamed Architect. The new construction will comprise 24,559 square feet of residential space, divided in twenty-seven units. In average, each apartment will have approximately 900 square feet.

According to what has been revealed so far, the building will be very attractive, design wise. It will have eight floors and, even though it will be a little bit withdrawn from the frontage of its neighbors, it will remain fairly close to the sidewalk, thus maintaining the block’s structure. The facade will be made of concrete and the windows will feature metallic details. The final touch will be made by juliet balconies and terraces on the top floors.

The average unit size we mentioned walks a fine line between condos and rentals. Nevertheless, there is a distinct lack of PTACs in the renderings that have been released, which leads us to believe that these units will be condos. Even though no retail space is included in the tower, it will be much densely packed than its predecessor (a single- family property), which signifies an improvement from before.  

The site was bought back in May 2016 for a little less that $2 million. The demolition permits were filed back in October and, if everything continues to go according to plan, construction will likely be done by 2019. [NY Yimby]