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Where to look at how to save on your next Queens hotel stay.

Where to look at how to save on your next Queens hotel stay.

Depending on when travelers book their stay, hotel prices in Queens, New York can range anywhere from $90 to $320 a night.

For travelers looking to get the best hotel rates, an Expedia analysis highlights the importance of timing.

According to an analysis, travelers can get the best rates by booking roughly a month in advance. Users are able to obtain the best deals by booking on Sundays, especially for same day bookings.

On average, November and January offered the lowest daily rates. Daily rates were higher in March, July and August.

Business Insider notes that prices vary by neighborhoods and regions. In New York, more affordable hotels were located in the Financial District and Queens.

The Expedia analysis also highlighted the recent surge in online bookings, as more people now book hotels online. Online booking expedites the hotel booking process. And by booking online, travelers are able to compare prices, amenities and customer reviews.

For those seeking an extended stay hotel experience in New York, NY, there are several companies that offer short-term nyc furnished apartments for rent from 30+ days to a year.

The extended stay hotels include luxury amenities, fully equipped kitchens and leather sofa beds.

To book a stay, users can visit the website, fill in the city and date of arrival and departure. Based on the length of stay, the website provides a list of amenities and rates.