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Long Island City Business Improvement District Considers Establishing a Sub-District

Long Island City has been seeing a progressive development for a while now. With various investments in the district, along with developments—both of residential and commercial purposes, establishing a sub-district could better serve the cause of further developing LIC.

The LIC Business District currently stretch from Queens Plaza North to Queens Plaza South, between 21st Street and Jackson Avenue and Northern Boulevard—but with the establishment of a sub-district, this could expand to accommodate more investments and foster business activities in turn.

The sub-district proposed is to span along the stretches of Jackson Avenue, Vernon Boulevard, and the 44th Drive.

The BID, currently in existence for 10 years now, is run by the Long Island City Partnership. This entity could potentially increase 650 tax lots. Three co-chairs of the BID expansion steering committee and other officials have toured the proposed area for the sub-district. They took note of the needs for beautification, business marketing, daily management, and increased lighting within the vicinity, among many others.

Prior to this proposal, a lot of people in Long Island have been noticing the need to further improve this area in the neighborhood. It is also emphasized that this expansion could bolster business growth.

This proposal is also prompted by the fact that Long Island has been seeing an increase in the number of tourists in the area, needing more hotels and amenities for entertainment to entice more.

Following the city’s BID proposal process, two public meetings are scheduled for the morning and evening of Wednesday, July 29 at Hunters Point Plaza at 9:30 a.m. and at the New York Irish Center at 6:30 p.m.

“Whatever would naturally happen here, in terms of property value, is going to happen anyway,” Ippolito said, calling the proposal as community progress. Perhaps, we are all yet to see that and we can’t wait.