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Lights! Camera! Action! 82-10, 82-04, & 81-80 Cooper Avenue

Lights Camera Action!

Atlas Terminals trades hands for $19.5 million from ATCO Properties to Broadway Stages. Broadway stages will build an immense film studios and retail complex in the existing warehouse space. Broadway stages is lead by real estate mogul Tony Argento who could not yet be reached for comments on the project. They plan on having rental space for “local mom and pop retail businesses” as stated by Broadway Stages spokesperson Jackie Kessel, and plan on creating new jobs to help the business and economic growth of Queens.  Many public officials are hopeful that this will help advance the neighborhood. The 500,000 square foot space consists of 21 buildings and parking areas.

ATLAS-PARK-Sale from Atco to Broadway- Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.07.25 AM