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Great improvements coming to Astoria public schools

A similar hydroponic lab will be set up in different Queens schools

A great investment for the future

Good news are coming to Astoria public schools. According to reports, they will be the recipients of millions of dollars. This money will surely be put to good use. Authorities planned infrastructure improvements and the additions of a film studio and a science lab. The budget is of $3.7 million, and councilman Costa Constantinides and the president of the Queens Borough, Melinda Katz, made the announcement. The money will go to the School Construction Authority.

The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria will receive $375,000. The institution will use this money to establish a new film studio. P.S. 300 will build a new science lab with the half million dollar that will be receiving. Another $300,000 will go to I.S. 141 and this institution will use that money for renovating the bathrooms. Constantinides partnered with Katz and both are very happy to invest in the children of the borough. This year’s investment is important because the authorities are doing so in technology and studying tools. Furthermore, the improved infrastructure is expected to encourage students to spend more time in school and enjoying their school experience.

Furthermore, the P.S. 122 will be the first school in Astoria to install solar panels, a measurement promoted by councilman Constantinides. The councilman is the chair of the committee on environmental protection. He allocated more than one million dollars to this end. P.S. 84 and I.S. 126 will receive $160,000 for them to install hydroponic science labs. Hydroponics is a scientific method that enables people to grow plants in a water-based solution instead of soil. Through this lab, students will learn lots of new disciplines such as biology, agriculture, technology and nutrition. Furthermore, how these different disciplines intersect.

Thinking of the children

Furthermore, authorities alloted $900,000 to improve technology all over schools in Astoria and P.S. 122 will receive $200,000 for them to update the lunchroom. This school really needs the change, since the cafeteria was originally a gymnasium. Because of this, original developers made the walls of exposed brick and concrete, which amplifies loud sounds. This makes for a rather uncomfortable lunch experience for most students and employees. According to Katz, it is important that Queens’ schools maintain their status as one of the best in the state, but in order for them to do so, infrastructure must join the educational level. “First-class facilities will enable our children to reach their full potential”, Katz declared. [QNS]