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Gal Sela planning Six-story addition to Paper Factory Hotel in Long Island City

There is an existing building with five stories addressed at 37-06 36th Street in Long Island City. There is also a plan to add six stories starting on the existing rooftop, and renderings have already been released by DHD Architecture and Interior Design, the firm in charge of developing this addition.

The current building has a white and red façade, and the new renderings show the new structure will be made of black metal in order to create an interesting contrast. Designers will include plants and seating on the current rooftop, surrounding the new structure, which will add an extra 35,000 square feet to the current building. On the rooftop of the new structure the designers will include even more greenery. The interiors will remain rustic and charming, including hardwood floors and panels on the walls. Nevertheless, a completion date has not been announced yet. [NY Yimby]