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Free Wifi for the Queens Community

Queens is well on its way to the future—apart from its recent real estate developments, the installation of implements that make it a community of the future.

Visitors to the Corona Plaza will not be able to surf the Internet while having some fun under the sunQuens Wifi his summer.

Julissa Ferreras, councilwoman, announced on Monday that Corona Plaza at Roosevelt Avenue between National and 104th streets with be the first plaza in Queens to offer its residents and tourists free WiFi. On top of this, the plaza offers two AT&T StreetCharge stations.

This free WiFi service is offered by the Neighborhood Plaza Partnership, a program in the city to help plazas offer better services to communities.

Being one of the booming communities in Queens, the Corona Plaza is deserving of all the amenities. This will increase connectivity among the members of the community and beyond, also eliminating the digital divide for the people in the neighborhood.

Sky-Packets, which bring WiFi services to about 30 neighborhoods on a daily basis, provide WiFi at the plaza. Corona Plaza can also accommodate hundreds of users a time.

Along with this, AT&T has also donated the two solar-powered mobile charging stations to the Plaza for the summer. Each unit can charge up to 6 phones, tablets, or any other device simultaneously.

Without a doubt, this is indeed another milestone in the transformation of the community—and a leap for the development of Queens as well.