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Famous staple Queens microbrewer relocating to Brooklyn

A popular microbrewery that started in Queens had decided to move and set shop in Brooklyn. The company, known as Transmitter Brewing, has rented a 8,165 sf space in the updated Building 77. They will be going from Long Island City to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The brewery specializes in farmhouse beer. This is a particular style of beer that has French and Belgian roots and is known for its bubbly texture and fruity flavor. Transmitter also produced barrel-aged sours. Furthermore, they are popular for their limited runs and specialty offerings. Once they move in, the company will be able to brew on-site but will also feature a tasting room on the ground floor of Building 77. They are not the only tenants there, since there are 60,000 square feet on the ground floor alone.

Building 77 was built before World War II as a storage space, but thanks to a deep renovation initiative that cost $185 million, the building (which is 16-stories high) now features one million of rentable space. Transmitter will be nice addition to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and its owner, Anthony Accardi, can’t wait to be fully integrated with the brewery’s new community. This community stands out for its diversity: food vendors, beverage experts and fashion houses have found their home on Building 77 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Transmitter Brewing, with its distinct and crafty style will be a perfect fit and a welcome addition. [REW Online]