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Façade In Progress On 11-Story Hotel At 37-11 23rd Street In Ravenswood, Long Island City

Façade in Progress on 11-Story Hotel at 37-11 23rd Street in Ravenswood, Long Island City

37-11 23rd Street.

The 39,579-square-foot hotel at 37-11 23rd Street is on track to join northern Long Island City’s mushrooming crop of lodgings. Construction permits categorize the 93-unit property as a “transient hotel,” a term generally used to describe shelters. The 11-story building towers over the industrial northwest corner of Long Island City.

The project is designed by MS Savani Architect, PC, which specializes in Queens-area hotels. New Generation Development LLC is listed as the owner, with Sunny Builders NY Corp attached as the general contractor.

37-11 23rd Street on-site rendering.

The building occupies 48 percent of the 6,883-square-foot, mid-block lot located on the east side of the street, leaving space for front and rear yards. The on-site rendering shows a landscaped plaza along the street, though part of it would likely contain the 400-square-foot, two-car parking area indicated in the permits. No indoor parking is included.

The staggered west façade rises 114 feet to the parapet. The permit-indicated 136-foot height likely includes the rooftop bulkheads. 34,368 square feet of hotel space translates into a floor-to-area ratio of 4.99.

Two street-facing loggia bays lend visual interest to the otherwise conventional, steel-framed structure.