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Developer Mohammed Aziz files plans for a new hotel in Jackson Heights

Developer Mohammed Aziz filed plans for a new hotel






Mohammed Aziz, a local developer, has filed plans with the Department of Buildings. He is hoping to build a seven-story hotel designed for long-term stays. This will be special for new residents looking for a permanent room to stay. Nevertheless, there is a problem: Aziz pleaded guilty to taking part in a pay-to-play scheme in Brooklyn.

The hotel will be in a narrow lot: 37-38 73rd St. It will have only 22 units and will include a 1,900 square feet community center. His ideal clients are individuals looking to transition to Jackson Heights and its surroundings. Rather than a hotel, it is going to be a residential hotel. People will be able to rent rooms for monthly stay, the developer told DNAinfo New York.

This hotel will also be ideal for new immigrants without a place to stay. Aziz is involved with the local Bangladeshi community, so he is aiming at similar communities. New immigrants can rent a room at his hotel for two or three months and then move on to an apartment per-se. However all his planing, construction still doesn’t have a start date, since Aziz needs to get his plans approved first. Secondly, he will need to secure a construction loan.

This is not the only housing project Aziz has developed in the city. Nevertheless, he was investigated back in 2012. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office investigated him as a part of a pay-to-play probe of politicians. Investigators found out he tried to give $5,000 to a Brooklyn Councilwoman, Darlene Mealy. Aziz was hoping this money would help him getting a contract through the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

After pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of criminal facilitation in that year, he paid the finen. Nowadays, he claims his record is clean and says he is not focusing on profits anymore but on philanthropy. His hotel, he says, is for the community. He wants to help. [DNAinfo]