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Demolition underway: goodbye to the old Kosciuszko bridge

The old bridge

Out with the old

After so many years with it as a skyline staple, it is time to bid farewell to the old Kosciuszko Bridge. Two weeks behind schedule, demolitions started on July 25th. The Department of Transportation was in charge, and it lowered the bridge’s main span. This was no small task, since the span was 125 foot long.

The lowering occurred between 10 am and noon, when the span was completely out and carried along Newtown Creek. The Department of Transportation will take it to a recycling plant based in New Jersey.

Even though spectators were encouraged, it is likely most of them were disappointed, since no true demolition actually happened that they. The crowds reunited between Review Avenue and Laurel Hill Boulevard in LIC.

Nevertheless, the decision of the DOT to avoid one large demolition was important. By executing a series of small implosions rather than a huge one, the harmful effects are reduced.

New things coming to the city

The new Kosciuszko bridge, put in place to replace the old one, was inaugurated back in April. The opening ceremony featured Governor Cuomo riding in on a 1932 Packard that used to belong to President Roosevelt. During the ceremony, a marching band played. Furthermore, there was an evening light show and a parade. This is the city’s first new bridge in more than 50 years, so celebration was due. [Curbed New York]