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Childhood Jamaica Trump home listed in Airbnb

The former Trump property, courtesy of Laffey Fine Homes

Childhood Trump home for rent

Even after the busy year President Trump has had, it is not odd that news are continuously breaking about him. In this case, it is about a property he used to live in but it seems rather strange that this building used to be his home. Despite what appearances may indicate, this smallish Tudor style house located in Jamaica is where his family used to live in, and last year it hit the market. The property was for sale. What is even more strange now is that the property has been turned into an Airbnb Rental, by the looks of it. The owner purchased it for $2.14 million, and before the property appeared on Airbnb, it was listed as a $3,500 per month rental.

More modest? beginnings

The house has five bedrooms and  three and a half bathrooms, and was recently listed in the rental site. As of this article, the asking price was of $725 per night, and the building has the capacity to house fifteen people. Most of the beds in the property are bunks. As per the listing, the house remains almost unchanged: the kitchen is the original one and the house is still decorated very opulently. It perfectly reflects the lifestyle the Trumps must have maintained. This could be a very interesting hotspot for any President Trump supporter, since there is also memorabilia of him and his family all over the place. Furthermore, one can find quotes in frames in different areas of the house. There is even a cardboard cut out of the President himself! Without a doubt, the new owners now how to make the most out of this situation.

In case you are interested…

If you desire to look this listing up, search for “Donald J. Trump Childhood Home”. After all, and in spite what sceptics may believe, the listing appears to be real and the company itself, Airbnb, has denied this property and its characteristics are anything but legitimate. Moreover, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since this is not the first time a homeowner has listed his property as Trump-adjacent in the rental site. Right after Donald J. Trump won the presidential election, a tenant of Trump Tower tried to lease his condo by describing it as being in the most secure and unique building, referring of course to the famous tower located in Fifth Avenue. [Curbed NY]