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Bloomingdale’s schedules move for 2020

Once 2020 arrives, over 1,000 Bloomingdale’s jobs will start moving to Queens. Bloomingdale’s parent company, Macy’s made a statement last year that they were renting over half a million square feet of office space in a Long Island City location, but did not specify neither

Jury rules in artists’ favor in 5Pointz case

Three years ago a real estate developer based in the city of New York demolished a complex that used to be known as “5Pointz Complex”, in Queens. Nevertheless, they did not only tore down some buildings but 50 murals that were painted on those walls

Queens’ numbers for the third quarter of 2017

Now the third quarter of the year has closed, numbers can be calculated. As it seems, the Queens condo market has slowed down a little bit. The number of approved residential units has dropped from 261 to 216. Nevertheless, this number still shows growth from

Brief outlook on last period’s numbers

Taking into account the last 12 month period that ended last September, Long Island City added 1,750 new rental apartments to its numbers. As far as current new developments, sales are concentrated in Prospect Heights and Gramercy. As far as townhouse sales goes, eleven townhouses

Rezoning process continues to move on in New York City

Mayor Bill de Blasio has put in place a project that would rezone fifteen New York neighborhoods. The goal behind this revamping process is to help with the current housing crunch the city is facing. Nevertheless, the project is not going as fast as some

Another hotel gets transformed into a homeless shelter

The Department of Homeless Services has started using another hotel as a homeless shelter. The facility in question is a Best Western hotel that is located right in the border of the Sunnyside and Long Island City neighborhoods and is addressed at 38-05 Hunters Point