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New eight-story tower for Kew Gardens

A residential building featuring eight stories is coming to the neighborhood of Kew Gardens, in Queens. The new development will be addressed at 117-03 Curzon Road. Kew Gardens was created back in the middle of the 19th Century as one of seven garden communities in

New eight-story residential tower coming to Kew Gardens, Queens

A new project is in the works for Kew Gardens, Queens. The tower will have eight stories and will be exclusively residential , addressed at 83-05 116th Street. The building will be extremely well-located, being just a mile away from the Union Turnpike-Kew Gardens Subway

Two adjacent Kew Gardens lots nearing new development

Two new lots located in Kew Gardens are due to be developed. The sites, addressed at 8-61 116th Street and 116-02 Curzon Road, are going to be adjacent to each other giving the project a particular and original shape that will be used to their