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Little Neck-based nursing facility sold to assisted living firm

SentosaCare, a nursing home operator, has decided to get rid of their facilities based on Little Neck. The company sold the building, which has four stories, to an assisted living firm. The transaction cost $25.3 million. Up until now, the building in question has been

Wolkoff enters 2nd phase on 5Pointz development

The second phase on the 5Pointz project is reaching its climax. Wolkoff Group, the Queens condo developer that owns the area has reached and agreement with Bank of the Ozarks and therefore received a $300 million loan. Currently Wolkoff is finishing phase one of the

Four-story, mixed-use building in the works in Ozone Park, Queens

Sitting just two avenues away from the Lefferts Boulevard Subway Station in South Ozone Park, Queens, a new project is being developed. The building will be mixed-use and will have four stories, addressed at 116-01 101st Avenue. The construction will yield a little over 7k

Another mixed-use development coming to North Corona

A brand-new, nine-story, mixed-use building is coming to the neighborhood of North Corona, in Queens. It will be addressed at 39-14 114th Street, just on the edge of the Citi Field station area and mere blocks away from the northern area of the Flushing Meadows

New eight-story tower for Kew Gardens

A residential building featuring eight stories is coming to the neighborhood of Kew Gardens, in Queens. The new development will be addressed at 117-03 Curzon Road. Kew Gardens was created back in the middle of the 19th Century as one of seven garden communities in

Astoria has a brand-new addition

A new residential building is coming to Astoria, Queens. The structure will have five stories and will be 50-foot tall, yielding approximately 16,380 sf. The building will be addressed at 21-27 30th Drive in the neighborhood of Astoria. The building will incorporate fourteen residential units.

Double-sided project in the works in Lindenwood

Two new exclusively residential buildings are being developed in Lindenwood, Queens. Both projects will be addressed at Fairfield Place, numbers 155-12 and 155-14 respectively. The sites are only a mile and a half away from the Aqueduct Racetrack Subway Station and the JFK Airport Subway

Brand new nine-story tower in development in Flushing, Queens

A new nine-story building is coming to Flushing, Queens. The corresponding permits have been filed and the new tower will be addressed at 132-27 41st Road, just three blocks away from the Main Street Subway Station. This is the last stop in Queens for the