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Brand new nine-story tower in development in Flushing, Queens

A new nine-story building is coming to Flushing, Queens. The corresponding permits have been filed and the new tower will be addressed at 132-27 41st Road, just three blocks away from the Main Street Subway Station. This is the last stop in Queens for the 7 Train.

The project is owned by NY Excelsior Development. This program is owned by the state and was formed by Cuomo in an effort to relocate businesses in New York. Their main focus is to have “strict accountability standards to promise that businesses will deliver on job and investment commitments”.

Once finished, the tower will be 112  feet tall and will  span over 51k square feet. The building will be mixed-use: 25,570 sf will be devoted to residential units while 15,490 sf will be dedicated to a community facility. Furthermore, tenants will be able to access valet parking, which will have room for 40 vehicles.

When it comes to residential units, the building will have 34 new apartments that will average 752 square feet each, which may indicate rentals. The building will have a lobby and a rooftop terrace. Rumors suggest that the community area will be used to create offices for the Excelsior program. The community space will be located between the cellar and the second floor.

The design was assigned to Archinetny, a firm based in New Jersey. Developers still need to file for demolition permits. A completion date has not been announced. [NY Yimby]