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Astoria Boulevard LLC files application for rezoning

Even though the continuing expansion of several Queens areas is a reason for positivity and good prospects, it is true that some neighborhoods are not ready for the new introductions that are made. Astoria, for example, is struggling to keep up with the growing demand, so many areas need to be rezoned for developers to use them. One example of this phenomenon is occurring right now at 35-10 Astoria Boulevard, where a seven story building will be developed, and will be designated as mixed use.

According to sources Yimby was able to access, the corresponding applications have been filed, so if approval is gained, the tower will span 52,720 square feet. On the ground floor, developers will set up a dance studio. The remaining floors will be destined for residential units, 36 according to the application. This is an important project for the area, since 20% of the units will be designated as affordable, while the plans also include 13 parking spaces, 9 enclosed. The average size of the non-affordable units will be 1,500 square feet, so it is a fair guess to assume they will be condos.

The attached renderings were made by ARC Architecture + Design Studio, the company behind the visual aspect of this project. This building will be a nice addition to the block, providing more urbanity to the area and more eyes on the street, courtesy of the commercial space on the ground floor. If the area is rezoned, another building located in the block will be available for re-development too, so is important Astoria gets this permit approved. Moreover, another four-story structure could be erected right next to 35-10 Astoria Blvd. The submitter of the application was Astoria Boulevard LLC, and if said document gets approved, the tower will be inaugurated come 2020. [NY Yimby]