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Another project for George Xu’s company

George Xu’s 90 Avenue Realty LLC has begun another project. The architect in charge of the development is Raymond Chan, and the first building applications were filed back in the Spring. The first documents were for 148-31 90th Avenue, whereas the newest ones, filed with the Department of Buildings, have corrected the address on record and settled for 148-29 90th Avenue. The lot is located in Jamaica, Queens.

The site is huge: overall, it has 100,000 square feet of buildable area. According to Xu’s plans, the lot will feature almost 70,000 square feet of residential space in 90 separate units. The cellar will include a 45-car garage and it will also feature enough room for 45 bicycles.

As demolition permits have already been filed, there is no doubt construction should start soon. [The Real Deal]