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Another new residential tower coming to Flushing, Queens

A new residential tower in Flushing, Queens, is being built. The building will have eight stories and will be based at 91-01 Whitney Avenue. The neighborhood is mainly residential, with a commercial area to the East. Furthermore, this tower will be located just two blocks away from the 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue

The resulting structure will be 75 feet tall and take up 15,000 square feet of residential use only. It will include 22 units, averaging 681 square feet each. Besides the apartments, tenants will be able to enjoy several amenities: a lobby, a garage and a laundry room. The design will be in charge of Indetail Architecture and Engineering.

The project was kickstarted back in April 2016, when permits for demolishing a building with three stories that used to take up that space were filed. The developer is an anonymous LLC. [NY Yimby]