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Another mixed-use tower to begin development in Flushing, Queens

New plans for a new project in Flushing, Queens, have been revealed. The applications were filed back in March, but further plans were unknown. The lot is addressed at 131-11 Fowler Avenue.

The design was assigned to MY Architect PC. As far as we know, the tower will rise eight stories, and it will include 18,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor. The building will feature four separate storefronts. The residential units will be eighty, with 900 square feet each in average. The cellar will feature a parking space for 42 cars.

As far as the exterior goes, it will feature large and smaller windows. The second floor appears to include PTAC, which leads us to believe the tower will include condos. The design is very classic in its simplicity, improving in what used to be there. Taking into account the many retail options that will be included, this building will signify an improvement for pedestrians also. The developer is W&L Groups Construction, and they hope to finish this project by 2019. [NY Yimby]