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Another hotel used as homeless shelter by the City

The City has taken another step into securing housing for all its homeless inhabitants. The latest plan includes using a former hotel in Queens as a shelter for homeless families with children. Said establishment is addressed on Hunters Point Avenue, between the 38th and 39th streets. The hotel has 82 rooms and all of them will be destined to this new purpose.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had intended to stop using hotels as homeless shelters by building proper shelters for this specific purpose, but circumstances have proven to be difficult. The idea is for these shelters to be constructed by 2023, but in the meantime, the city is forced into keeping the hotels measure in place. Ideally, each borough will have its own new shelter by 2023. Using hotel rooms as shelters is a very criticized measure, since it costs the city a lot of money and many rooms lack basic facilities like kitchens.  

Even though it has proven to be difficult, since January 2016, the city closed 1,000 cluster units for homeless people, and they hope to close them all by 2021. The use of hotels will also be reduced over time. [DNA Info]