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Anonymous LLC planning new development in Kew Gardens, Queens

An anonymous LLC has plans for Kew Gardens. The company filed permits in order to build a residential structure with six stories, addressed at 93-68 117th Street. This development will replace the existing building on the site, an old Tudor Revival style home that has only one story and has been occupying the land since 1899. There are just two blocks between the site and Forest Park, which spans 165 acres of green areas and recreational space. Furthermore, the 121st Street Station is only a kilometer away (or ten blocks). This station is serviced by both the J and Z trains.

The new building will be 63-foot tall and will span 15,550 square feet, exclusively for residential use. The structure will feature 23 apartments that will average 676 square feet each, which might indicate rentals. As far as amenities go, developers will include a lobby, a a laundry room, a recreational area and three parking spaces. All of these will be located on the first floor.

When it comes to design, the responsible will be M.B. Mansouri Architect PC. The demolition permits still need to be filed, which may explain why a completion date still needs to be announced. [NY Yimby]