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Aloft Hotel LIC | 27-45 Jackson Avenue

The new Aloft hotel designed by Gene Kaufman, is set to be a 22-story hotel in Long Island City. The demolition is long over, and the foundation has now been set. Queens Beans was recently onsite and the beams for the first floor seem to be in place, see pictures below along with the rendering.

The hotel site is at 27-45 Jackson Avenue, off of 42nd Road with 70-feet of frontage The majority of the site is on Jackson Avenue and another part of the land extends back to Hunter Street for another 25-feet of frontage.

It is not clear when the Hotel is to open but some reports expect it to be ready for the Spring of 2016. Queens Beans contacted one of the owners, Mr. Nissim Seliktar and is waiting back for confirmation. We will keep you posted with any updates.

Aloft Hotel Queensbeans 3

Aloft Hotel Queensbeans 1

Aloft Hotel Queensbeans 2