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A new face for 15-story tower located in Murray Hill

Even though reports on this property started surfacing back in August 2015, new documents have been revealed regarding the designs of the tower, which will be located on 35-08 146th Street and will have fifteen stories.

Previous renderings showed a facade that included several balconies in a cascade-like pattern and huge windows that would go from ceiling to floor. The new pictures, however, show a much more toned down futuristic look, resulting in a streamlined exterior. Both designs were made by My Architect PC.

From ground to rooftop, the tower will be 163 feet tall, featuring almost 55,000 square feet of residential space that will be subsequently divided into 57 units. The top three floors will include two triplexes with featured terraces, whereas the average unit will span 950 square feet. It seems likely these will be condominiums, since no PTACs are shown in the current renderings. In the original plans, the first two floors were to be occupied by a school, but this plan has changed and now the idea is to include retail space in that area, space that will span 9,500 square feet. The cellar will feature a parking garage with a 34-car capacity.

The developer in charge is W&L Group. The lot where the tower is being built used to be occupied by six houses, and the combined transaction cost the firm over $10 million. If everything goes according to plan, the tower will be finished in about a year. [NY Yimby]