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College Point’s newest addition: 60-foot tall mixed-use structure

A new mixed-use project is on the works. The facility will combine a hotel and a community area and will be addressed at 14-61 127th Street, in College Point, Queens. The corresponding permits have been filed and according to public records the tower will be 60-foot tall. This project has become pretty infamous in the last few months since the community in which it will sit has grown quite uneasy about the plans.

Besides the community’s concerns, the Department of Building has become involved in the controversy too. The plans for the building include a nursery for the second floor which is not allowed given the lot’s zoning. Super A. Construction Inc., which is the owner of the development, has received instructions directly from the DOB to submit new plans that omit the nursery in order to resume development.

If allowed to continue, the tower will span over 73k sf and will have six stories. 34k sf will be dedicated to the hotel. This area will have 87 units and that will average 390 sf per room. Over 23k sf will be dedicated to the community facility, with the rest of the space being used to create 90 parking spaces. The designer for this project is Z & T Engineering. [NY Yimby]