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Double-sided project in the works in Lindenwood

Two new exclusively residential buildings are being developed in Lindenwood, Queens. Both projects will be addressed at Fairfield Place, numbers 155-12 and 155-14 respectively.

The sites are only a mile and a half away from the Aqueduct Racetrack Subway Station and the JFK Airport Subway Station. Both locations are serviced by the A trains.

The developer in charge is Harris Hussnain, who also owns the land. The design has been handed over to AZ Professional Engineering.

Once completed, the structure will be 31-foot tall and the overall structure will span 6,600 square feet. 4,400 sf will be devoted to residential use, creating four new residential units that will average 1,100 sf. Condos are in order.

Developers still need to file for demolition permits. An estimated completion date has not been announced. [NY Yimby]