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New rental building arriving to Astoria, replacing old two-story structure

A new residential building is in the works. The tower will have four stories and will be located in Astoria, Queens. The address will be 30-75 32nd Street, only two blocks away from the 30th Avenue Subway Station, which is serviced by the N and W trains. The East River is twelve blocks West. One can access it via Socrates Sculpture Park. The development is owned by Marando Properties, who have already filed the corresponding permits.

The new building will be replacing a detached house with two stories, it will be 50 feet tall and will span over 6k square feet. There will be seven new apartments that will average 696 square feet each, which may indicate rentals. The cellar will have a laundry room and one of the fourth floor apartments will have a second level penthouse space. The architect in charge is Gerald J. Caliendo.

The necessary demolition permits were filed back in October 2016. [NY Yimby]