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New Taco Bell location coming to Corona

Famous fast-food chain Taco Bell has revealed its plans to add 50 new locations across the five New York City boroughs by 2022. Without wasting any time, the chain already opened a new location in Corona, kickstarting their plans for the city. The new spot will open daily at 11 am and is addressed at 38-01 Junction Boulevard and will include an open kitchen that will let customers watch how their food is being prepared. The building itself is decorated by local artists.

The company used to be focused on selecting suburban areas where drive-thru windows are easier to construct, but the perspective has since changed and all of their new locations (up to 350 spread all over the country) will be located on urban areas. The new sites will not only be smaller but many will be Taco Bell Cantina, where the company also offers alcohol. Nevertheless, the Corona restaurant will not be in this category.

Furthermore, the chief operating officer of the company, Mike Grams, stated they are also open into including more items on the menu, reflecting each city’s tastes. The Taco Bell brand is definitely not afraid of trying new things. [QNS]