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Another hotel gets transformed into a homeless shelter

The Department of Homeless Services has started using another hotel as a homeless shelter. The facility in question is a Best Western hotel that is located right in the border of the Sunnyside and Long Island City neighborhoods and is addressed at 38-05 Hunters Point Avenue. A representative of the agency confirmed these news. The hotel counts with 82 units, and the agency has claimed 64 of those for this purpose. Without this measure, many homeless New Yorkers would be forced to sleep on the streets.

Even though the measure will help many people in need, hotel employees only got a week’s notice. They found out the hotel had been sold and they were terminated just one week before families started moving into the Best Western. Even though the hotel employees were blindsided, they were not the only ones. Community elected officials did not know about the decision to convert the hotel until it was happening.

The DHS, nevertheless, claims they are firm on their decision to phase out the use of hotels as shelters by 2023. There are other two hotels serving as homeless shelters in Community Board 2 besides this Hunters Point Avenue Best Western. [Sunnyside Post]