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City’s new development with TF Cornerstone faces backlash from advocacy group

Rendering of the project at 5-40 44th Road and 4-99 44th Road (Credit: TF Cornerstone)


As previous reports have shown, TF Cornerstone has teamed up with the city’s administration in order to build several new buildings in two parcels that are owned by the city. Among the things they were planning to construct, sources claimed they were a thousand apartments and a school. Nevertheless, and despite what appearances may indicate, this project does not have many backers among common new yorkers.

For instance, reports have recently surfaced that an advocacy group based in Long Island City that goes by the name “the LIC Coalition” is fighting the project, tooth and nail, and they may have good reason to do so. The group claims the plans are irresponsible, since the new development will be located in what currently is a hurricane evacuation zone. As far as actions taken by the group goes, the Coalition already released a petition that opposes the project. Instead of the 1,000 apartments and the 100,000 square feet destined for light manufacturing, the LIC Coalition is proposing the city and TF Cornerstone build parks instead.  The construction zoned it at 44th Road, 5-40 and 4-99.

Diane Hendry, a spokesperson for the LIC Coalition has gone on record with declarations regarding this issue. For them, the land is a natural wetlands and they firmly oppose the construction of luxury units. The Coalition is not talking without knowledge. Is the city itself who has marked the problematic area as a “Hurricane Evacuation Zone 1”, which means it has a super high chance of flooding in an emergency. What is even more worrisome, is the fact that the two parcels are placed among two FEMA flood zones too. These zones are marked with the highest flooding risk, also.

Nevertheless, the city has already responded to the Coalition’s accusations. A spokesperson from the Economic Development Corporation has spoken to DNAinfo and ensured that the project is still in an early design stage and is in everybody’s best interest for it to comply with current standards for resiliency. We are talking about a $925 million development that will include a school here, so it is important everyone involved to take the necessary precautions. [DNAinfo]