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Appetite grows in Long Island City: locals claiming for more restaurants

Long Island City

Hungry for more

Pun definitely intended, Long Island City is hungry… for more eateries that is. A development group known as Long Island City Partnership performed a study in the area and came to the conclusion that almost 20% of the residents that participated think that restaurants, bar and places to eat are what the neighborhood most desperately needs. It is relevant to note that the firm interviewed 1,300 LIC inhabitants. Out of these 1,300 individuals, more than 33% claims to go out to eat or have a drink more than two times a week, in some cases claiming three.

If one is to believe current development plans, 10,000 new homes will be established in the area by the ending of the next decade, so the current need for restaurants and bars will only grow moving forward. However, it is not time to despair, Long Island City residents! There are a few eateries in the process of establishing themselves in the neighborhood, so options are definitely growing.

Cool hotspots, now and tomorrow

A sushi spot called “Sapps” is about to be inaugurated, along a pizzeria that specializes in brick-oven baked pizza: “Levante”. An Argentinian restaurant called R40 will also open soon, along with a restaurant owned by one of the runner ups of season 7 of Top Chef, Ed Cotton, among several others. It is important to note that Long Island City has a long story of being a foodie hotspot. Many of the local eateries are nowadays NYC staples. Mu Ramen, Casa Enrique and M.Wells Steakhouse, for example. [New York Eater]