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Project in 62-41 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood, begins to take shape

62-41 Forest Avenue

Long overdue

Back in 2011, applications for a new development in Ridgewood, Queens, were filed. More precisely, at 62-41 Forest Avenue. In the last few years, some progress was made and last year new permits were filed. This time, developers filed for the site’s sidewalk shed in March 2016.

Nonetheless, no news of what is being built there were released, until now. Plans show developers will construct a five story tower that will span 47,526 square feet. This will be a mixed use building, because almost 5,000 square feet will be destined to commercial space while over 32,200 square feet will be put to residential use. Furthermore, there will be a community space of 1,247 square feet.

The Plans

Among several amenities, the community area will house an ambulatory diagnostic center and a gym on the first floor. Overall, there will be 30 residential units, averaging 1,060 square feet each. Even though the units are fairly big, the rendering shows the building will have rentals, not condos.

Currently, the developer is Eastone Capital. Gerald Caliendo Architects are designing the building. However, the completion date hasn’t been announced. In spite of this, it is safe to say the building will be inaugurated in 2019. [New York Yimby]