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Starbucks announces it will close all Teavana locations by 2018

A storefront of Teavana

Farewell to a classic

This is a sad time for tea lovers. After purchasing the company in 2012, Starbucks has recently announced they will close all of the 379 Teavana locations. According to a press release authored by the company, this decision comes after the tea spot persistently underperformed. By Spring 2018, the company will have closed all of the locations, including the one in Elmhurst at Queens Center Mall.  

Even though the company made serious attempts to reverse the underperforming trend, things showed no signs of improvements. Teavana was using creative merchandising and new store designs to improve sales. Sadly, 3,300 people will find themselves with no jobs. Nevertheless, these workers will have the opportunity to apply for similar positions at Starbucks. Teavana products will still be found at Starbucks and grocery stores. Patrons will surely miss Teavana. The store sells a vast array of hot and iced tea options, along with teaware. Teavana also offered free samples of its drinks. [QNS]