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46-20 11th Street, Long Island City (In Contract and New Plans)

46-20 11th Street is currently a 2-story 14,000 square foot industrial warehouse building on a 10,000 foot lot that has new plans filled by ’11th Street Condominiums LLC’ and architect, Raymond Chan. The building currently houses an owner and user, whom is selling for a price that could not yet be confirmed.

46-20 11th st street view

46-20 11th st street view, google maps

The lot is zoned M1-4/R7A/LIC and can be built into a 40,000 square foot residential building, which is most likely to be condominiums. According to the plans filed with the DOB, the proposed 7-story building is for 42 dwelling units and 23 parking spaces.

Proposed: Use Zoning Area (sq.ft.) District FAR
   RESIDENTIAL   40,035   M1-4/R7A   3.98
Proposed Totals:   40,035   3.98
Existing Total:
46-20 11th st aerial view

46-20 11th st Aerial view, Google Maps

46-20 11th st tax

46-20 11th st tax lot

The site is diagonally one block from GDC Properties’ 11th Street Townhouses, that just updated yesterday. will update all the progress.